Turn back the clocks this weekend; change your smoke detector batteries!

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Let’s hear it for an extra hour of sleep!  This Sunday is the end of Daylights Saving Time, where people will move their clocks back one hour and we return to standard time.

Because we change our clocks every six months, it’s also recommended that you change the batteries to your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks.

To me, all of these things are no-brainers and very easy to do.  When I worked in the TV newsroom, there would always stories of house fires where guess what?  NON-working detectors were found.  What’s that saying about an ounce of prevention?

With all that money you’re saving at the stores by couponing/stockpiling/shopping the sales, you might want to think about fire safety and using your savings to make sure your house is ready in case of a fire.  We have seven smoke detectors, three fire extinguishers, two carbon monoxide detectors and three fire ladders.  Can  you tell I’m a bit of a safety nut?

If you need extra smoke detectors, NOW is the time to get them because you can usually find them on sale in stores.  Farm & Fleet is a good local resource.  If you want to shop online, here’s some where you can find some good deals at my favorite online store, Amazon.com:

Smoke Alarms
Fire Ladders
Fire Extinguishers
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Need batteries for all your alarms and detectors? Here’s a list of all the current battery coupons available.

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Get a $3.00 Window Insulator Kit coupon

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Check out this great new coupon on Coupons.com today:  SAVE $3.00 on any 3M™ Window Insulator Kit.  You’ll find this coupon when you sort by Household Items.  These kits start at around $6.79 at Farm & Fleet for two indoor or outdoor windows.

Print it now before it disappears and prep for old man winter!

Green Madison’s “Home Energy Efficiency 101” Session at REI

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Green MadisonGreen Madison presents “Home Energy Efficiency 101” at REI on the west side of Madison. This free event is from 7-8 p.m. on Thursday, February 16.

Attendees of this homeowner education session will learn how to save energy and money. Here’s the description from REI’s website:

You might track your car’s MPG, but do you know how efficient your home is? Do rooms in your house have different comfort levels? Are ice dams an issue? If you replace windows will it really save you 30% on your energy bill? What are the recommended insulation levels for Wisconsin? — Green Madison is sponsoring a FREE homeowner education session to learn more about energy efficiency and basic building science. Energy efficiency building performance consultants Steve Pipson and Mike Wilkins explain the key concepts of maintaining an efficient and healthy home. Energy advocate Leith Nye will explain how Green Madison helps homeowners develop customized efficiency solutions to save energy, money and the environment. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their most recent energy bill and their questions and concerns about their homes.

Green Madison is a federally-funded program to help Madison businesses and residents save energy and money.

If you’d like to attend “Home Energy Efficiency 101,” click here to sign up (registration is limited to 50 participants).

REI is located at 7483 W Towne Way.

Keep the Heat On – Press Release From Alliant Energy

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As I’m sitting here in the midst of a blizzard listening to the wind howl and the neighborhood snow blowers trying to stay ahead of the snow, I am remembering the first time our furnace stopped working. We didn’t notice it wasn’t working until it was quite cold in the house. Of course, it was after hours and on a weekend–these things never happen during business hours. We paid a hefty sum to have our furnace company inform us that snow had covered the furnace vent on the back of our house. I’d like to save you from paying someone an exorbitant amount of money to clear a bit of snow off some pipes.

Ironically, as I researched this topic hoping to garner more information than just “clear the snow from the pipes that come out of your house,” I came across a press release from Alliant Energy released yesterday.

Alliant Energy is encouraging customers to make sure their gas and electric meters, furnace vents, and all other vents around the house are free of snow and ice. Mark Hawley, Manager of Safety & Health Services at Alliant Energy, provided a few tips:

  • Keep the meter free of snow
  • Use your hands to clear snow and ice (not a shovel)
  • Don’t bang on pipes or meters
  • Don’t let ice buildup and be sure to remove icicles
  • Make sure furnace and water heater exhaust pipes and vents are not blocked by snow or ice

Read the Alliant Energy press release for complete information. You can also call 1-800-ALLIANT (255-4268) for more information.

Make sure furnace and water heater exhaust pipes and vents are not blocked by snow or ice