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RummageWisconsin.comApril means the official start of the rummage sale season!  There’s a great site I want to share with you that can make your rummage a lot easier.  It’s called Yard Sale Treasure Map – A Yard Sale Planning Tool.

The Yard Sale Treasure Map (YSTM) is a web application that allows you to map your garage sale routes. The maps within YSTM are automatically populated from the garage sale listings on Craigslist. So, even if you’re not a route planner, be sure to post your sale on Craigslist so that your address will show up on the YSTM site.

The YSTM site allows you to

  • Search for particular items in a sale
  • Map sales within a radius of an address
  • Manually add sales you want to check out
  • Arrange the order of your route based on your preferences
  • Print route directions

The best part of YSTM is that it is a free online resource for serious shoppers! Typically, I don’t plan my routes, but now that I know about this site I may give it a shot!

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