Clothing Inventory made easy

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I changed out my youngest’s clothing this weekend because she seemed to have grown a foot!  I thought I’d show you my clothing organization system for all the kids’ clothes I buy second-hand or dirt cheap on clearance racks.

Years before I had children, I fell in love with The Complete Tightwad Gazette, a wonderful resource of thrifty ideas and the precursor to the hundreds of money-saving blogs and websites out there.

One of my favorite posts was on clothing organization and I took my personal organization tip from the book.

As you can see,  I have 18-gallon see-through totes and have each size in a bin.  With little kids, I try not to exceed one bin of clothing.  Once they get up to about size 4, I have two bins, one for winter and one for summer.

With the see-through bins I can tell if I have enough clothing for my kids’ next size.  When I’m rummaging or thrifting, I have a little note in my wallet telling me which sizes to keep an eye out for so I don’t overbuy one size and shortchange the next.  (Before I developed this system, I bought or was handed down FIVE red turtlenecks in the same size!)

One of the other things I gleaned from The Tightwad Gazette was to pay less for a future item if it’s several sizes away.  Right now my oldest daughter is in 9s.  If I find a really nice size 10 pant for $5.00 at Target on clearance (real-life example) and her bins don’t have enough, I might pick it up.  If it’s size 14, I won’t pay more than their rock-bottom clearance price of $3.24.  Why?  Because I have less time to find the necessary items for 10 than I do 14s. And I do buy several sizes ahead.  I’ve completed a full wardrobe for size 10 and 12 and even have found a few things in 14 and 16.

The hardest part for me is when my oldest two girls outgrow their stuff and I have to put it away for the next girl’s use.  Because they don’t grow out of every item at once and some things fit differently than their actual size.  At least twice a year I pretty up the bins.  This coming week I’ll work on my son’s which is a lot easier because I don’t have to save clothing for a little brother.

No, my clothing storage is not always this organized.  Which is why I decided to take pictures now!