Turn back the clocks this weekend; change your smoke detector batteries!

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Let’s hear it for an extra hour of sleep!  This Sunday is the end of Daylights Saving Time, where people will move their clocks back one hour and we return to standard time.

Because we change our clocks every six months, it’s also recommended that you change the batteries to your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks.

To me, all of these things are no-brainers and very easy to do.  When I worked in the TV newsroom, there would always stories of house fires where guess what?  NON-working detectors were found.  What’s that saying about an ounce of prevention?

With all that money you’re saving at the stores by couponing/stockpiling/shopping the sales, you might want to think about fire safety and using your savings to make sure your house is ready in case of a fire.  We have seven smoke detectors, three fire extinguishers, two carbon monoxide detectors and three fire ladders.  Can  you tell I’m a bit of a safety nut?

If you need extra smoke detectors, NOW is the time to get them because you can usually find them on sale in stores.  Farm & Fleet is a good local resource.  If you want to shop online, here’s some where you can find some good deals at my favorite online store, Amazon.com:

Smoke Alarms
Fire Ladders
Fire Extinguishers
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Need batteries for all your alarms and detectors? Here’s a list of all the current battery coupons available.

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